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Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies Inc., as a public company, reports and follows all guidelines of the Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission. All corporate filings are on SEDAR ( Click here to read more about Tri-Media.

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 - April 09, 2013 Tri-Media Partners with ThisMoment to Promote Subaru on YouTube.   - March 07, 2013 Tri-Media creates Nickname Generator for Discovery International's "Inside the Gangsters' Code"   - February 01, 2013 Tri-Media Designs and Builds New Mobile Ordering App.  
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Since inception in 1986, Tri-Media Integrated Marketing Technologies has become a global communications firm with offices on 3 continents. Tri-Media is a hybrid, performing as both a marketing company and technology company to a wide range of clients, including several of the world's most recognizable brands.